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Day 12. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark (Marvel Universe)

I’m not half as good at—at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.

yeah commander rogers is used to tony’s shit by now 

now he just thinks its pleasing and starts whistling the national anthem 


What did you expect?

I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck,

or I did last time I checked. (x)

im pretty sure the resolution to the mindwipe thing is gonna kill me


based on this 


This is Rachel’s fault. U: 


steve going on a long term mission without access to a razor but when he gets back he finally shaves but as he’s doing it, he shapes his beard like tony’s just to see what it looks like but then the alarm goes off and he has to suit up before he can shave it all off and when tony see hims he laughs his ass off


I could have made this so much better if I put in some real effort. Whatever, I need to sleep now, good night!


Steve and Tony in Infinity


miss-ingno said: oh gosh, this makes me want one where tony dangles from tentacle holding his leg right in front of steve :D also yay so cute